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Updated 1-3-2011


Dog Agility Competing

The first step to doing dog agility competitions

Pack laughter to your first trial

Leading out at the Start Line

Can any size dog do agility? (video)

Encourage someone this weekend

Resources for Agility Course Design (kept updated!)

Concerning AKC’s Mixed Breed Program

Gamblers! (video)

Let the Games Begin! (Snooker) (video)

Intro to FAST Class (video)

NADAC Hoopers (video)

Keeping it Positive (video)


Welcome Mat for Mutts at the AKC

When Tire Jumps Go Bad

How To Survive Your First Agility Trial (Part 1)

How To Survive Your First Agility Trial. (Part Two- What to expect!)

How To Survive Your First Agility Trial. (Part Three- Get on Course!)

How To Survive Your First Agility Trial. (Part Four- Now GO!)

How To Survive Your First Agility Trial. (Part Five- You Did It!)

Congestion at the Gate

Jumpers (video)

New Kid on the Block

Q: Who’s Watching my Points?

Recording Your Runs

Understanding Scoring

Should I stay or should I go? (video)

Where Are They?

Let the Games Begin! (video)

He’s Lovin’ It! (video)

From Accessory to Agility

What’s the best position?

Measuring Device Tip


Dog Height Card

Body LanguageRules & Regs

Dog Leashing Rule

Legal or illegal T-shirt? (advertising on clothing at trials)

New AKC Rules for FAST Class

Sneak Peek at Snooker

Small dog gets tangled in chute (rules concerning entanglement)

Broad Jump Confessional

Hoops Run

Q. CPE Games

When’s a Contact not a Contact?

Contact Certainty

Keeping Score

On the Edge

Agility in the Land Down Under

Agility de Guatemala(video)

Agility in Japan

Malaysia agility games

World-Wide Agility Week!(video)

Agility organizations

AKC will now welcome mixed breeds (controversial)

Let’s Keep America in AKC (controversial)

ASCA agility not just for Aussies

Change is good, right? (2009 AKC recommended changes)

World Champion Courses (2009 FCI courses available for printing)


Dog Agility Equipment

Pole Striping Controversy

Tips for the Pause Table

Terrified of the Table

Small dog gets tangled in chute

Using Wires with a Channel Weave Set?

What’s up with Wing Jumps?

NADAC “Gates”?

New USDAA Broad Jump

Channel and Wire Training by Nancy Gyes

Start and Finish Points

Colorful Courses

Springtime agility equipment check list

AKC Weave Pole Spacing Results (video)

A Tunnel is a Tunnel?

New EZ-sacks, just so easy!

Why No Collar?

Mini-Travel-Teeter Mania!

When Tire Jumps Go Bad

Good for a Burmese Mountain Dog?

Zoning a Zooming Contact

Light at the end of the…. chute?

Multiple Jump Challenge! (video)

Coming to Heel (video)

Training the Terrible Teeter

Safe Contact

Rubber Contacts

A-frame Aggravations

Agility for Little Dogs?

Taking off

Twisting in Tunnels

Dashing Dogwalks!

Gear Grabs

Perfect Entries

Agility in a Bag Fun!

I want more fun!

Closing Your Course

Clear the Decks!

Conditioning Obstacles

Confidence on a Moving Surface

Crawling- a Helpful Trick (video)

Jumping Through Windows (video)

Training in Water(video)

Doggie Treadmills

Agility Accessories

Course Book we’ve Begged For!

Treat Bag to the Rescue!

Other Product Reviews

Pop-up Problem Solving

Agility Games ~ For the Mind! (video)


Dog Agility Training

Foundational Advice from a Member

How to get more speed and drive in your agility dog

What to call the obstacles

Fun agility games to try!

Couch potato dog? Try this game while watching t.v.!

Using your dog’s name in agility training

Rear Crosses (video)

Front Crosses (video)

Layering Tips(video)

Contact Zone Crash-Course (video)

What’s your dog’s best time?

Puppy Agility

Aging Agility

To obey or not to obey

Giant Agility

Tiny Agility (video)

Turning Into a Canine Delinquent

Right on Target

I’ve got cabin fever!

Revved or stressed?


Training with Multiple Jumps (video)

Limbo Dancin’ Dog (How low will they go?)

When I say Jump… (video)

The Itsy Bitsy Doggie… (video)

Contact Splat! (video)

Contact Target Training (video)

Making Contact

The Navy Blue Octopus

Large Dog Jump Training Tip

Light at the end of the…. chute?

Agility Olympics

Getting it Right

The Navy Blue Octopus

Hip Dysplastic Agility?

Call It Off!

Multiple Jump Challenge! (video)

Lead Us Into Temptation

Dancing with Distraction

Really the Best?

Building a Bond with your Dog

Variety is the Spice of Life!

Week 1: Agility Foundations Classes

When the Light Goes On

Eye on the Ball

Week 3: And there’s the hitch

Multiple Jumps (video)

Addictive? No!

And We’re Back!

Talk About Ending

Are You Ready?

Tips for Working in Water (video)

Blowing Bubbles (video)

A New Class! (already?)

Great Practice Run (video)

Oh what fun!

A Sad Class

Class Time- On Time

Proofing Weaves (video)

Quick Go Lightly

Changing Sides

At Last, Pictures!

No-Rehearsals Dog

Wicked Weaves

Agility in a Bag Fun! (video)

Wonderful Weaving

Ducking the Issue

Getting Away With Murder

Equipment Training Issues

Tripping up on the Triple Jump

Introducing the Tunnel

Tunnel Trouble

Tackling the Teeter

The best method for training the weave poles

Weave Machine

Small dog gets tangled in chute

Training with Multiple Jumps (video)

Chute Tips

For Trainers

Free Trainer Hand-outs (free pdf’s)

Resources for Agility Course Design (kept updated!)

Course Book we’ve Begged For!

Searching for Agility


Dog Training (General)

How to get your dog to say ‘I love you’

Play dead trick like you’ve never seen it! (video)

Reality TV Goes to the Dogs

Out of Control Agility Dog (video)

Up in Arms (video)


Walking backward trick?

The Dog Crazy Dog

The Scaredy Cat Dog

The Zany-Out of Control Dog

The Mopey-Dopey Dog


Hip Dysplastic Agility?

Lovin’ the Loose Leash

Leash Laws



The Importance of Canine Massage

Treat Training

Side to Side

Dog Packing

Back to School

Incredible Crating


Fun & Interesting Things

Pets-Only Airline

Dog Booty Set For Sale. Good For 3 Legged Dog (about dog boots)

Top Ten Dog Names

What’s All The Fuss About Blogs? (tips for using blogs)

Anything for Apples!

“Ghost Dogs”

Triple Crown Adventure Trail

Saturday Morning Funny

Pilgrim Pooches

Dinner at the Earl’s

A Dog and his… Grinch?

Life gives you lemons… have a dog bowl race! (Video)

Foo Pets is for Foo Foo People!

Follow the Finger

Great Dane Agility (video)


How to Walk Fast and Efficiently

Muddy Mitts


Underwater Agility

Dynamic Duo

Handling Handles

Agility in a Bag Fun!

More About Pointing


Dog’s POV  (video)

Clean Run Q&A

Q. UKC Obstacles?

Q: Tipping the Teeter with my Tiny Teacup

Q: Course Approval

Q. CPE Games

Q: A or B in AKC?

What’s the best position?


All You Can Be

Have a Focus Plan

Discover Your Purpose

“Call Me Irresponsible”(video)

For your entertainment (Video)

The world is amazing (Video)

The Journey (Video)

Laughter – it’s good for the heart (video)

Keeping it Positive (video)

Encourage someone this weekend

Somebody Who Understands

You make me feel so young (video)

Dog Shows Humanity (video)

Why Your Dog Does Agility

The Climb

Overwhelming Obstacles

A Purposeful Life


Cheer for the Underdogs

Member Photos & Stories

Buddy’s Story by Carlotta Trevino

Buddy is gaining confidence by Carlotta Trevino

Agility Energy captured by Liz Dodge

Member Photos ~ A Grand Exit by Christine and Sideway

Foundational Advice from a Member by Joe Wilmore

Member story by Sharon and Scott Henderson

Member Photo ~ Lov’n the Tunnel! by Linda Freed

2-Legged Weaving Dog? by Sheila W.

Doolin Doin’ da Weaves by Dave and Sylvia

Member Photo: Toby the Terrier by Julie Packer, Pelham, NY

Member Question About Hip Dysplasia from Sideway

How I spent my Summer (A Member story) Beverly Skilling (Patch), FL

DogTime Radio Pamela Spock, Canandaigua NY

Bone or Coal?

AgiliJack! (Catherine Brown, NY)

Question for

Dog Health

How much is too much chocolate?

Don’t let your dog stop and smell these flowers! (toxic Spring flowers)

Herbal flea powder

Agility Allergies (video)

Thanksgiving Goodies!

Talking Turkey

Getting Back Up to Speed


Paw Care

Dumpy Dogs

Motion-Sick Mutts

No Regrets!

Travel and Your Dog

Tis’ the Season to Travel!

Remember the Season! (Cold-weather reminders)

When Tire Jumps Go Bad

Hip Dysplastic Agility?

It’s the simple things

Safe Contact

Perils of Plantings

Horror of Heartworm

Agility Lightweights?

Whatcha Got?

Animal Abuse Registry?


Is it Worth the Cry? (Marly & Me)

See Marley run (through our tunnel)! (video)

Agility in the movies (Firehouse Dogs) (video)

For your entertainment (Video)

The world is amazing (Video)

The Journey (Video)

The International Language of Dogs

Political issues

Obamagility! (Obama girls doing agility?)

Getting the whole scoop on Dog Breeders vs. the ASPCA, PETA, and the AHS (controversial)

Let’s Keep America in AKC (controversial)

AKC Invitational- glad I wasn’t invited!


Fourth of July Tips Easter: Today is a good day for rabbit agility (video)

Take Your Dog To Work Day is Tomorrrow!

Yummy Fall Treats! (recipe using pumpkin & peanut butter)

October is Adopt-A-Dog Month

Howling Good Times! (Halloween agility party idea)

Christmas Tree Day

Christmas Morning Games(video)

Christmas Decorating goes to the Dogs! (video)

New Years Resolutions

Be Mine?


Happy Howloween!


Contest Questions (just some of them)

(These contests are over, but you can still enjoy the information, and read and add comments.  If you don’t want to miss any contests, register at the button above to get priority notification by email when there is a contest)

How many weave poles in the ‘weave-pole challenge’? (video)

What got you started doing dog agility? share your story!

Get in touch with your inner trainer!! (video)

Nippy Dog Contest (training advice for an excited agility dog)

Proofing Contest (creative ways to proof your dog)

Dog Spoiling Contest (how do you spoil YOUR dog?)

The Word on Weave Pole Spacing (What do you think of the AKC changes?)