Buddy’s Story – Part 2

buddy2(Continued from here) … “At first Buddy was fearful of all these things called agility.  He would look at me as if to say, “you want me to do what?” We began very slow. I would let him sniff, touch and just amble around the agility equipment until he was familiar. I would only ask him to try one thing at a time. When he would successfully complete what was asked of him I would give him a small piece of his favorite treat. WELL after that first successful attempt we were off and running!!  He began to associate with completed task and treat.  I would not repeat the process over and over because I did not want him to lose interest. Instead as a different reward we would play throw and catch with his favorite ball. I now give fewer treat rewards and praise him with lots of love.  Whenever I have just a few minutes during the day we will go out into the back yard and do a run through, just to keep him familiar with what he must try to do. Also we take time off from training maybe a day or two and then right back at it. You must be very patient with your dog as dogs are like people…..everybody has their own way of doing things and at their own pace.

Because of agility Buddy is now so very proud of himself and what he can do. We are going to attempt our first competition this summer!! Buddy will do what he feels is his best and that is all I can ask of him. Agility has brought Buddy back to what is rightfully his place in the doggy world!!! Agility works to bring out the best in your dog!!!!”

Thank you Carlotta Trevino, for submitting this story.  If you have an inspiring story of how agility has changed your life, or your dog’s life, please submit it to: pam@affordableagility.com.  You may also submit a photo of your dog too.

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