Buddy’s Story

buddyToday I’d like to share the story of “Buddy”, which one of our blog members submitted.  It was very inspiring, and well written too.  You are going to love it!

From Carlotta Trevino….

“I LOVE THIS WEB SITE!  I have a little Sheltie who is a rescue, he came from a urine soaked dark room and was very skinny. He was going to be put to sleep simply because the people did not want him. I always wanted a Sheltie and felt that he was a gift sent to me. I decided to help him learn agility feeling that it would help him regain his lost puppyhood and confidence!! He is so eager to please and learn. We love him so much and want to give him every opportunity to be all he can be!! When asked by the vet what his name was, I said I don’t know but he is my little buddy, thus his name BUDDY!!

After a few groceries he began to gain strength and a little weight and his coat began to fill in. He was frightened of sudden noises and men. So in order to help him overcome these first issues I would play music (rather loud) all day long, or leave the television on just for the noise. Also when he was exposed to men I would ask that they not pet him or look him directly in the eye and I would talk to Buddy in a soft tone to reassure him that no harm would come to him. It was very important that I gained his trust first.  We then began to go for walks, taking him to places where I knew there were people and lots of different noises, before I felt that his comfort zone was crumbling and his fear escalated I would touch him and praise him for being a good boy! After we conquered the main issues it was time to try agility training!!!!  read the rest of the story