Leash rules at AKC trials


Here is the excerpt from the AKC rules concerning leashes at agility trials. …

Section 10.  Leashes.  Handlers shall be allowed to bring their dog to the start line on leash. Handlers shall comply with the judge’s instructions for being ready to start their run, having their dog off leash and under control in a timely manner. Dogs shall not be faulted for the act of playing tug on the leash, nor for going to or picking up a leash laid in the ring (usually laid after the last obstacle or near the ring exit.) A leash may not have excess material dangling from it, nor may it have any attachments including a fleece or leather wrap. Dogs shall be on leash at all times when on the show grounds except in the ring and at the warm-up jump area. Dogs must enter and exit the ring with the leash attached to the dog’s collar or harness, or in the case of a slip lead, with the noose completely around the dog’s neck, with the other end of the leash held by the handler. Any entry or exit chutes added to the ring for the ease of getting dogs in and out of the ring are not considered to be part of the ring. Clubs must provide a leash holder or a container for the leash runner to place the leash in or on, which can easily be located by the handler near the ring exit. Leashes or slip leads may not be hung on the ring barrier nor placed on the ground. The dog shall be on leash when exiting the ring and not be allowed to run loose “off leash” around the trial site.

Also, this is not in the rule books, but in one of the yahoo groups I am on, Gail Storm from the AKC was asked about choke collars. She answered, “Yes, you may take the dog into the ring on the choke collar and remove it before the run (just like a harness or a martingale collar”.