What’s up with Wing Jumps?

Another feature of this blog is to give you a sneak peak at the new projects that we might be working on at Affordable Agility. We’ve got a couple things up our sleeves. One of them, to be released next week, is a Competition Lattice Wing Jump.

Why are wing jumps used so much in trials? You’ll see a lot of wing jumps at agility competitions. This is because it takes the relatively simple act of jumping to another level… getting your dog to jump farther away from you. For many dogs who are more ‘clingy’ to their owner’s sides (and for some owners who like them closer), this presents a challenge.

Our new lattice wings are the common type that is used in agility trials all over. The holes allow the wind to pass through, and the plastic vinyl stands up to the weather.

To be released soon!

3 Comments on “What’s up with Wing Jumps?

  1. My trainer uses a ton of barrel jumps in his exercises for us. I really don’t find much of a difference between the two–you use the same training method. I think using a barrel jump is a great way to introduce your dog to wing jumps. The length is a little shorter, and it’s easier to move around them. I’m also starting to see different agility equipment companies sell barrel jumps as their training jumps. Haven’t seen many of them on AKC courses, but I guess it depends on what equipment company is sponsoring the trial.

  2. Is a barrel jump the same as a wing jump? I’ve seen barrels used on the side of jumps.

    • Hello!
      I personally have never seen a barrel jump in any major agility organization’s trials. It definitely is not typically used in AKC, USDAA, or CPA trials. I do believe is an obstacle commonly seen in K-9 training or trials, however.
      It never hurts to practice on unusual obstacles, but the wing jump is pretty standard, so if you get into competing, you can expect to see lots of them.
      Hope this helps answer your question!