ASCA agility not just for Aussies

A blog visitor recently let me know that our listing of agility organizations didn’t include the ASCA (The Australian Shepherd Club of America) that hosts agility trials in the U.S.    I didnt do this initially because I thought it was an organization only for owners of Australian Shepherds.   Well, the fact is, the ASCA allows all breeds (including mixed breeds) to participate in their trials.  I’m not sure if this is a new change or not (anyone know?).  Anyway, rules are apparently similar to NADAC.  While still considered a minor organization compared to others like AKC and USDAA, they are growing their membership base, and doing more trials.  For more information, you can visit Also see our previous post on finding trials in your area.

5 Comments on “ASCA agility not just for Aussies

  1. ASCA trials are very fun and friendly. Many times you can enter the day of the trial. But, contact the trial secretaries to find out if the trial filled already. This is nice if you have a change in your plans and are suddenly free for the day. I just attended a trial over the Easter weekend and there were many different breeds and mixed breed dogs. Even the Easter bunny visited during the night. We came home with an armfull of ribbons and a new title.

  2. Yes, at every dog agility trial you can bring your dog, even if you are not a competitor. Just make sure they are on a leash. And if a female dog, NOT in heat! Bring a chair too if you want to watch it.

  3. If I visit a ASCA trial, can I bring my dog (I own an Aussie)? I didn’t see this on their website.