Do you get AnimalRadio? Check out today’s program!

Airing today, and for the next 6 weeks, I have the fun privilege of being on Animal Radio, a weekly radio program heard all across the U.S.  I’ve been asked to help train Ladybug, the AnimalRadio mascot, how to do agility using our Agility-in-the-Bag set.  I’ve been sharing the spot with Vladae, the famous Russian dog wizard. He is cool, and has been featured on all sort of major television shows and with celebrities for his amazing skills. (Me, well, starting a business has caused me to get a bit behind in the fame-department).  If you can pick up the station, check it out! Visit Animal Radio (click on Radio Affiliates on the left side for stations and times).  It can also be heard on XM Radio Saturdays 12-2 EST and Sundays 5-7pm EST.