Dog Booty Set For Sale. Good For 3 Legged Dog

You know the washing machine missing sock mystery, right?  One of the  mysteries of the universe. My favorite tip? Keep the single socks in a gallon ziplock bag nearby wherever you sort socks. Label it the “Lonely Sock Club”. After awhile, if you can’t find a match for the unmatched sock, just toss it into a “rag bag”. I then use them for dusting and cleaning.

On to the subject of dog booties… Anyone every try them? This time of year with all the mud (it’s spring in NY) they are sure tempting to use. I tried them with my last dog, an English Springer Spaniel. Springers are field dogs as you know. They love bouncing up and down in fields. Well, bouncing and booties just don’t go together. (Not in my story anyway). Every Spring I’d collect a little red bootie out in the field, and put it in my bag that contained, well, just 2 booties. Where was the 4th? Ooohhh yeah, last fall when I couldn’t find a match for it, I used it to scrub out the tub!

2 Comments on “Dog Booty Set For Sale. Good For 3 Legged Dog

  1. Mulligan does wear boots. We have several pairs of the MuttLuks which work great. We have the all weather and the winter. They have a tight elestic top about an inch long and a velcro strap with reflective material on it. They work great in the winter to protect your dogs pads from salt and cutting their paws on ice. We have a pretty brutal winter when the mercury drops below zero. One day when we had firt got the boots and Mulligan wasn’t a huge fan one of his boots did fall off. (It did take a while to figure out how tight to put the strap. THey never fall off anymore.) He placed his bare paw on the ground and said no way. He refused to walk untill I replaced his boot. Since that day if it is cold Mulligan wants his boots on. He will go sit next to were they are kept. He walks normal in them and can even run and play with them on. They do keep your dogs legs and even belly cleaner when it is gross out.

  2. I don’t think I could use booties. 😉 (although our mix blew a cruciate, so she actually is three-legged) My dogs would just pull them off within seconds of me struggling to get them on. And then they’d eat them… yeah.. clothes never really did appeal to my pups. Sounds like for your dog too. 😀