Is it Worth the Cry?

The Marley & Me DVD came out on March 31st. I missed it in the theatres. I figured that some movies are better seen on the big screen than others, like scary end-of-the-world ones. But any movie that might make me cry I’d rather do alone on my couch. Has anyone seen it? I don’t want to cry. But if I get enough recommendations maybe I’ll put myself through it. Is it a good cry? I guess I’ve thought it might be like the 2000 movie, “My Dog Skip”.

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14 Comments on “Is it Worth the Cry?

  1. I read the book and saw the video – didn’t think it was so sad – Marley had a happy and full life with a family that loved him and never gave up on him. It is what anyone would want for their dog.

  2. If you want more laughs, read the book. If you want to made sure you shed tears, see the movie. The book seemed to share more of the dogs antics and actually made me feel better about my own dog. The movie seemed to set you up to make sure you shed the tears at the end. With the movie, I would have liked a few more laughs before the tears.

  3. We just rented the movie. We lost 2 greys – 1 in August and 1 in November so I obviously was very emotional, but then I’m a crier anyway. The movie is very good, hilarious and sad. I could see dogs doing everything that Marley did so I laughed a lot. Unfortunately for those people, they had one dog who did it all . I think it’s definitely worth the cry.

  4. We rented the movie this past weekend. It was hilarious and very enjoyable up to the last 15 minutes. Thank goodness we were at home, I bawled like a baby. My husband cried, too. We both agreed it was entirely to graphic. Having been through the same scene at the vet’s with three of our beloved dogs, we didn’t need to go through it again. Some things are better left to the imagination. Other than that, we feel in love with Marley all over again. (1st time when we read the book)

  5. I loved the movie and the good thing was that I watch it at home, because I’ve cried a lot at the end but what a wonderful movie. Did anyone seen the “Dog’s lover Symphony” movie? a good movie that didn’t make the big screen but has a bit of agility in it. Cute

    • Hi! I haven’t seen the movie, but if it has some agility in it, I’ll be sure to look into renting it. Thanks for the tip! (one interesting thing to note, and I’ll make mention of it in a future blog, is about the movie “FireHouse Dogs”. The hollywood set ordered a bunch of the equipment from us! It was pretty cool. Unfortunately the scene with agility is pretty short. They also dressed up the equipment so it isn’t recognizable. (painted it firehouse colors, etc.).

  6. I couldn’t wait to see the movie. It was a wonderful movie until the end. When I left the theatre I was completely drained. I felt like I had just put my own dog to sleep. I am much too emotional for that ending even though it was done very well. My husband couldn’t even talk for awhile.
    My daughter is a vet and many of her clients have said not to see it unless you can take a lot of sadness. She couldn’t believe that we had gone to see it.

  7. I haven’t seen it, since the reviews for it worried me. From what I read, I wish they’d kept the focus more on Marley than the people. After all, it is called “Marley and Me”. However, considering I have not seen it, I can’t say much. Just a warning though, as some of the elements make it worth a second glance.

  8. I went to see it with a friend who had just lost her beloved yellow lab. I had just lost my performance Weim to a brain tumor. Under these circumstances the ending was VERY emotional for both of us. The main story includes the dog but also a story of normal life. It is very entertaining and worth the tears at the end. The last part at the vets is VERY realistic and true to life, at least in my case. I HIGHLY recommend the movie but if you are tender hearted make sure you have a box of tissues. I hope you enjoy it,I did….Barbara

    • “DustyDuckDog”…what a cute name. I’m sorry to hear about your dog passing on. I know how hard that is. You said it well concerning the movie, but it’s true of owning dogs too, “they are worth the tears at the end”.!

  9. I went to see it the day after Christmas. I personally didn’t cry because I am just not a crier but everyone that went with me shed a few tears. It is rather sad.


  10. Sorry, haven’t seen it so I don’t know. BUT, I just noticed its playing in our discount theatre! It only costs $1.50 to see older movies there, so that’s even cheaper than renting!

  11. I read the book and am looking forward to seeing the movie. If they did a good job, it’s worth the cry at the end.