Legal or illegal T-shirt?

man-in-walmart-bagSo what do you think?  Could you see this guy in the picture running an agility course dressed like this?  🙂 Well, not according to AKC.  Current or old news, I don’t know, but I just read an AKC rule regarding clothing at agility trials.  Advertising is not allowed in an AKC agility ring on the clothing worn by an exhibitor or ring crew staff, such as, “train at Joe’s Dog School,” or “eat at Joe’s Diner.” (or “Shop at Walmart”, I’m sure).  Club shirts may be worn, however. (Huh? Isn’t this advertising?).  Clothing must not display the name of a person or a persons’ dog or their titles. If a dog food logo is worn, it must not be in conflict with a sponsor of the trial. A picture of the exhibitors’ dog may be worn.  Gosh, I’m confused.  Does anyone have any insider-knowledge as to what constitutes advertising according to AKC’s definition?  Are they even enforcing it at trials?  Or this only at the national level?  Looking forward to your comments!  (click on the title of this blog, or the “comments” link in the upper right corner).


3 Comments on “Legal or illegal T-shirt?

  1. I’ve been to several trials lately and have seen:

    1. people with their dog’s picture on their shirts
    2. Club shirts with dogs names (various, not “their” dog)
    3. Dog’s name on a shirt

    None of it was mentioned by the judges or trial members tho I have seen some trial ‘goers’ upset over the shirts. shrug.

  2. At every trial I have been to in northern IL you get a label that has your name, your dogs name and the running order number. Isn’t that in conflict? I guess it would be hard for the judge to read this while you are running but they would be aware if you speak to them before your run.

  3. I’ve recently seen someone complete in a shirt that advertised a commercial dog training facility. Don’t know how they got away with that, but I guess the judges aren’t enforcing.