agilitywhitehouseWell, you’ve heard the news I’m sure, that the Whitehouse has a new puppy, a 6 month old Portugese WaterDog.  It is a AKC recognized breed.  It was chosen among a few breeds (and mixed breeds) because they are good for children with allergies.  Malia and Sasha Obama named the puppy Bo.

Can Portugese Water Dog’s do agility? Absolutely! See the short video below. It is ADORABLE. Makes me want to get a PWD puppy!

Meanwhile, we’d like to encourage the presidential girls to get involved in dog agility. Portugese Water Dogs are working dogs and have lots of energy to burn. And it would be wonderful press for the growth of the sport! So how can we do this? One way we thought to do this is to donate our popular agility kit, The Agility-in-the-Bag, to the girls as a gift. It would look stunning out on the whitehouse lawn, don’t you think? (see picture to the right).

So … we’ll be mailing out the kit tomorrow. We hear that it takes a long time for federal agents to open and inspect gifts, so we are getting an early start. Hopefully it will get to them, including the book “Having Fun With Agility“which we’ve also included in the box. I’ll keep you informed if anything comes of it!

Meanwhile, does anyone else have any other ideas how we can encourage the girls to get involved in agility? Let’s pass the torch about “obamagility”! Click on comments on the upper right corner to enter your thoughts and ideas. As a thank you for any winning ideas (that we end up using), we’ll surprise you with a gift certificate!

24 Comments on “Obamagility!

  1. I read “Champ” when I was 10 and that was what got me hooked! I didn’t own a dog then, but I knew that as soon as I got a dog I would try it…

    I can picture the Obama girls at a trial with secret service agents surrounding them, lol.

  2. Kate,

    You do it at http://www.gravitar.com. It’s easy. Instructions are on our faq’s page. Go to the top of this blog, and click on FAQs. Scroll down, and you’ll see that one of the FAQs answers this question step by step.


  3. I did it on this website, but don’t rmember where now. Then everywhere I go that uses them, it automatically shows up.

  4. One last idea… send the girls a few magazine subscriptions that include dogs and agility as well as kids and dogs. It will show them many things they can do with there dogs and may get them more interested over time.

  5. Send the girls video of the Portuguese Water Dog doing agility with kids their age. Maybe some 4-H footage. This would help them to see how cool the PWD looks at agility and how much fun the kids are having. Also, find local PWD agility people or the local 4-H club that would be willing to teach the kids and dogs agility. Get Obama to say yes by showing him the evidence what dogs can teach kids, tie it into education, early learning, and 4-H values such as helping, giving your best, building leadership skills, responsibility…

  6. Healthcare reform…! America get off your but and go have fun with your dog doing agility. Agility can be done by people of all ages and even with disabilities. People can save money by getting out and being healthy. Good exercise means fewer trips to the doctor and fewer trips for your dog to the vet; therefore saving money… therefor people can spend that money on dog show entry fees and agility equipment to stimulate the economy.

  7. This is a wonderful breed and would greatly benefit from the activity of agility. Additionally, it would increase the bond between Bo and the girls as they grow into the sport. I hope the Obama family considers this as an option for their newest family member!

    • Morgan and Imogene, that’s a great idea too. Man, that lawn is large enough to even host a big trial. That would be so awesome. I’ve got my fingers crossed that somehow, somewhere, a divine connection will be made. You know, someone who knows someone who knows someone….

  8. I think it is AWESOME that you sent a kit to the White House!! What a brilliant idea!

    • Lol, thanks Mikel! I was really thrown off for a moment there! (P.S. Helpingudders is one of our dropshippers. Fun website. Check it out!)

  9. Perhaps a copy of Marcia Thornton Jones’ book “Champ” should be sent to them. I know of 2 junior handlers from our town that became interested in agility from reading it. One of them is my daughter:)

  10. Hopefully they’ll check out some agility videos especially the one you posted there, that’d definitely get them pumped!

  11. They are the perfect age for 4-H. In 4-H they can learn and compete in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Jr Showmanship as well as FreeStyle. I am sure there is a club around the DC area.

  12. I think this is a great idea…and YES, I HAVE CERTAINLY THOUGHT ABOUT IT TOO!

    My idea is for an agility trainer who lives in the area of the White House to volunteer to come over twice a week to train the older girl and BO. Maybe to be a “DOG AGILITY MENTOR.”

    Diane Zimberoff, Issaquah, WA

  13. Agility for those girls would be great, but looks like they need some good foundation obedience training first. I really hope they take this dog seriously.

  14. Cheri, That’s a really great idea, about utilizing junior handlers to influence the Obama girls. Gosh… how can that be done exactly? Think, think…..

  15. I love the idea of getting the Obamas involved in agility! I currently have a PWD in my beginners class. Maybe we should have junior handlers write with their experiences or send some photos of junior handlers.

  16. That would be so cool if agility got such national publicity. Maybe then when I tell people about “dog agility”, they don’t look at me funny! Let’s all hope that the Obamas get your gift! 🙂 🙂

  17. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the presidential limousine (“The Beast”) had a “I love Agility” Magnet on the back? Or, perhaps, a Portie decal. Definitely would bring some flair to an otherwise boring black vehicle.