Fun agility games to try!

happyjumper1Thanks to Debbie Sacerich, here are a few games for your next agility get together that you might like to try!

“Before the game set a fairly simple course.  Make it easy, but add a trap if you want. Connect two tunnels for a really long tunnel and make a trap next to it so if the dog and handler goes off course they are really far off.  Jumps are set lower than usual.

Take 3 x 5 cards and write challenges on them. Each handler draws a card before their run and has to do whatever it says. This was the fun part!! 

Here are some examples:

*You better have a really great dog,  for every fault you get AS YOU RUN THE COURSE you have to remove a piece of clothing as you run (not watches or jewelry).

*Agility is all about concentration and focus–as you run we will try and distract you with catcalls, clapping whistles, bouncing ball and offering food!

*Are you multi-talented?  Run this course while singing  “How much is that doggy in the window” and saying nothing else.

*You have to be prepared in agility. Run 1-2-3 and put on what is in the mystery bag at 4, then 4-5-6 etc  Place 4 bags on the course with raincoats, huge boots, floppy hats etc.

*Run the course holding a Dixie cup of water in each hand.

Use your imagination in creating the cards. It is hilarious!  Everyone has a good time, even those who have to hula on course!”