Pack laughter to your first trial

If you are just doing agility for fun in your backyard, you might not feel ready to do an actual agility competition.  But don’t feel too intimidated by the idea.  When you enter the first level of any organization’s trial, you will meet LOTS of people who are in your shoes.  Everyone is nervous inside.  It helped me to remember this.  In fact, keep in mind that a good many of them will be greener than you.  Just be prepared to laugh.  Everyone expects the unexpected in agility trials, no matter at what level they are at.   Try as you might, sometimes you just can’t predict dogs, people, distractions, or the weather, all of which can throw a surprise wrench into things.  

Here is a short video that shows some agility bloopers.  Some aren’t so funny, in my opinion, when it comes to dog’s safety.  But my favorite one is the Golden having what I call a “puppy fit” around the pause table!