Tips for the Pause Table

tabledogThis is a great tip I heard, that is helpful to remember.  In agility, the word “Go” has two syllables. The “G” and the “O”.  Your dog must stay on the table until the judge has finished the “O”.  Remember that, and you should have no problem waiting the full length of time before releasing your dog!

Katie Greer says, “For a dog that won’t get off the table, the handler should be very clear in their body language that they are turning away from the table. As in he/she should not be standing there facing the dog simply calling COME! Turn and move the other way, calling the dog. A moving target is ever so much more inviting! If it’s still an issue then the handler needs to work on recalls away from agility. It can all be fun if a game is created. A reward of some kind in hand the handler should be running to and fro rewarding the dog for staying with him/her. If there has been an intensive table training period, then stop for a while. The dog may have noted which obstacles where food rewards are likely. Skipping it for a time, and focusing on other aspects of training can cure the problem.” From