Using Wires with a Channel Weave Set?

Someone recently asked me a question, about whether there was any reason to use wire guides along with their VersaWeaves. For those who don’t know about them, the VersaWeaves are a cross between channel weaves and 2 x 2’s, allowing for both training methods (which are similar in concept). They also are a full-fledged competition set when all the poles are in a straight line.

Now, the channel method is, in my opinion, the best method for training dogs the weave poles. When it is slowly and methodically done, the wires aren’t necessary. However, it’s easy to rush the process, and you’ll discover this later on. You might have a dog who is doing a good job weaving with the poles in a straight line, and you think all is well. But alas, suddenly he begins to miss a pole here and there. You are  surprised. What happened? This is where the wires can come in handy. Instead of going backward in the channel method, and pulling the poles apart again, I personally think it is more beneficial to introduce the wires at this point. Just my opinion.  It seemed to work well for me.