Food near the agility ring

treatWe all know that in the ring we are not allowed to have food anywhere on us.  We can’t even smell like food!  (the exception to this are “Fun Matches”, which are not sanctioned agility trials, and where sometimes all hell can break loose, but its fun to watch …I digress).  But did you know that in CPE and NADAC trials, you can’t have food within 10 feet of the ring?  I’m surprised that AKC doesn’t have this rule too, with all their rules, and rules for the rules.  Anyway, it’s always a best bet to check your pockets before getting in the ring.  Dogs are tattletales…they have a way of knowing there’s something in your pocket.

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits
in your pocket and then give him only two of them”.  -Phil Pastoret

1 Comment on “Food near the agility ring

  1. My dog Mulligan has many bad food allergies so this poses another interesting dilemma. He inevitably picks up stray food dropped by other dogs and gets sick. At CPE trials this tends to happen less often because of the ten foot rule. So just a thought when you drop that piece of hotdog and your dog doesn’t get it, mine might be the highly trained hoover that picks it up at the speed of light so his handler(me) doesn’t have time enough to get it away from him. LOL