Cool idea for Metal Crates

crate2I just read this great idea for keeping your metal dog crates cool in the hot summer heat…

For metal floors freeze two liter bottles solid and place them directly on the floor. The temp of the ice disperses thru the metal and cools the floor. Some dogs also like to lay against the bottle cooling even more.

See…some things from 5th grade science really do work!

2 Comments on “Cool idea for Metal Crates

  1. I highly recommend the Cool Vest for keeping your dog cool. Unlike other cool coats this one actually keeps the dog dry. You soak it in ice water, wipe off the inner layer and it stays very cool for about an hour. Also unlike the cool coats it wraps around their entire chest cooling the blood going in and out of the heart. Mulligan is very heat sensative but even on a 90 degree day if he wears the vest untill the minute we enter the ring he is fine.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I will try this at my next competition. My dog sideway doesn’t do hot weather so usually I don’t enter any competitions in the summer because she gets too hot and shut down. I have one this month and I’d love to hear other tips on keeping your dog cool. Usually I just spray her with water but it doesn’t last.