Hotel for Dogs Movie

This weekend I watched a rerun of “White Fang”.  Remember that?  Maybe it was because I was home sick with the flu on a Saturday that I was bawling my eyes out at the dog fight scene. Such cruelty in our world.  I just took the whole thing too seriously.   Anyway, a much happier movie which I saw last weekend was “Hotel for Dogs”, also more recently playing in the theatres.   I loved this movie.   It had one of those feel-good endings that you want to happen, even if it wasn’t realistic.  I was tickled to even see an agility tunnel (and a tire jump) in one of the scenes!  Yeah.  I am such a proponent of the media promoting agility.  The more they do, the more interest is generated, and the more clubs and classes form, and the more shows there are to do, and the more we don’t have to explain ourselves AGAIN to someone what in the world ‘dog agility’ is.  🙂   Speaking of the media and agility, have you read my popular post on “Obamagility“?  What is Obamagility, you ask?  Well, click here and find out!  We need all the input we can get on this great idea.