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As a business owner whose motto can be summarized more as “baby steps” than “flying leaps off a cliff”, I find it fascinating how people can just jump right into a hugely complicated business.  Lol. I get overwhelmed with our own growth, let alone a venture like this! I wish them well.  Though I’m afraid these are the types of big ideas that are ripe for bankruptcy if its foundation is all credit (which I’m assuming it is)…

Couple Launches Pets-Only Airline


Even in this tough economic climate, an innovative pet-related business is set to take off—quite literally. Pet Airways, the first pet-only airline, will launch its first flights on July 14 to five major U.S. cities.

“This is an option for everybody who wants a safe, caring and comfortable environment for their pets,” said Alysa Binder, executive vice president of Pet Airways (Delray Beach, Fla.). She and her husband, Dan Wiesel, the company’s chief executive officer, co-founded the airline as an alternative for people who prefer not to ship their pets in cargo holds of commercial airliners.

Initially, the airline will fly to regional airports in New York, Washington, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

Pet Airways will operate like a private airline, eliminating long lines and security checkpoints, Binder said. Pets are checked in at least two hours—or up to 48 hours—before take-off, and later board the plane with the help of pet attendants. Planes are 19-person passenger planes retrofitted with kennel-style cages. Well-lit cabins are climate-controlled with proper air circulation for comfort and safety. Attendants check on pets every 15 minutes during the flight. After landing, they give each pet a potty break. Pets can be picked up immediately, or boarded overnight.

For more information, visit [July 2009 PET AGE]

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  1. that is awesome! my husband and i are always saying how it would be a good idea, but we certainly don’t have the capital or the backing to do it. i’d love to travel more with my dog, but i don’t want to put him in the cargo hold. i know people do it all the time, but it’s way too scary for me.