Take Your Dog To Work Day is Tomorrrow!

Tomorrow is Take Your Dog To Work Day.  Lest you think it isn’t all that “official”, Debbie here in the office has a calendar at home that has it on it!   In fact, check out this video from Switzerland.  Apparantly it’s more common there!  Even the weathermen do it.  For more information on the organization that is behind all this fun, visit: http://www.takeyourdog.com/

2 Comments on “Take Your Dog To Work Day is Tomorrrow!

  1. I buy them special collars, especially my “little girl”. She has pink gingham, and one with butterfulies. In the fall they all have Ohio State collars. For an extra treat we go to a local ice cream store that has puts a dog bone on top of their scoop of vanilla frozen custard.

  2. This is funny! actually I am from Switzerland, the french part. Over there you can take your dog pretty much anywhere, You’ll go to a restaurant and find people bringing their dogs with them, same as a pub or bar, beauty shop, etc… I think that they should do that more in United state altough where I live, (small town) everybody know Sideway. I’ll take her with me everywhere. She’s been at the bank, the pharmacy, the gas station, Lowes and more. I’m with her all the time and since I own my own business (a sign shop) she is in the office with me all day long and welcome every customers. I’m one of the lucky one. I can’t stay away from her more than 2 hours and I’ll miss her. There is even a restaurant where I’ll take her with me and everybody loves her.