Free Agility Trainer Handouts

newsdogIf  you are an agility trainer, I just wanted to tell you about some free flyers you can print out and give to your students.   They are perfect for beginners, and feature our fun cartoons.  THE BEST PART.. at the bottom there is a referral section, so that if any of your class members place an order and mentions your name, you get “doggie dollars” towards obstacles your company needs.  Just insert your club name before printing them, so we can match you for your rewards!

They are in Word Format, and you are welcome to adapt them if you’d like.  But because I’m the author of them, as a courtesy I just ask that you include a credit to on it.  You don’t have to include the referral data if you don’t want.

Here are the file locations for you to print out!  Enjoy.


1 Comment on “Free Agility Trainer Handouts

  1. I have been looking for a handout or page on-line that has a course map symbol legend for people like me who need a little cheat sheet when reading a course map. Do you know where one exists?

    Thank you for the handouts included in this post. I’ve printed them off to add to my agility notebooks.