Member Photo ~ Lov’n the Tunnel!

remHi Pam, I’m sending AgilityFusion a picture of my 2 year old lab, Remington.  He already has a reputation on the local agility circuit as “Tunnel Man!”  He gets sucked into tunnels, and ends up on his back, and more times then not won’t come out of the tunnel!  He rolls around in there and has a grand ole time.  He never does this at home or practice, but seems to play to the crowd at trials.  Trying to bribe him out with “cookies” worked for a bit, but he’s grown wise to that, (no food on course!)  Now, I simply walk away and don’t say anything, and he’ll pop his head out more quickly to see where I am!!  We finally actually had a perfect run, Q and 1st place at our local AKC trial.  Maybe there’s light at the end of the “tunnel” after all.  This is a picture of him “sliding” out of the tunnel at a CPE trial in Murrell’s Inlet, on his back, four in the air.  What a goober boy he is.   Good thing I have a sense of humor 🙂

Linda Freed  / 3TailsWaggin