Buddy is gaining confidence

buddyteeterYou may remember the original story of Buddy, a timid rescued Sheltie owned by Carolotta Trevino:    Well, Carlotta recently sent an update on Buddy, which I have posted below.   It’s great to hear how he is learning more confidence by doing agility!

“Hi everybody at Agility Fusion!   Buddy and I went to our first competition this summer! I must say its a BLAST! Our first competition we entered the obedience division and I was very surprised at Buddy’s performance, he did very well until it was time to stand for examination, when the judge began to put her hand on him, he wanted nothing to do with that, so we knew what our goal would be for the next time. In the mean time we continued to practice our agility. In our fun class Buddy was very afraid of the teeter so I decided to purchase the practice teeter base from Affordable Agility to help him along, wow what a difference! ! He now sails over the teeter and sometimes just for fun he will run the teeter himself just to show me what he can do. We continued to practice and then decided to enter our second competition, remembering what our goal was . We worked very hard at letting strange people examine him. At the next competition,the judge came up to him, with doubt in his eyes and a little fear in his heart Buddy came through like the little solider that he is and conquered his greatest fear!! My heart just burst with pride for him.

I know that through agility it has given Buddy courage, and a great sense of who he is. We have found agility competitions near our area and intend to go to as many as we can next season. Here is a picture of Buddy and his teeter. Affordable Agility has the best built, quality equipment for your money that will last for a very long time. So keep going, your goals may be short term or not, but just keep pushing! We are having fun!”