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brittanydogToday, an AgilityFusion members shares their story,


“After our 14 year old German Shepherd passed on, we decided that we would look for another dog.  We started by viewing dogs on the internet.  We finally hit on Buddy Dog in Sudbury.  There was the cutest dog, white with black spots, with black ears and face, and she had the energy of a greyhound.  They let us take her for a walk on the property and she stole our hearts.  Her name was Bella, but we changed it to Brittany which means freckled or spotted in Gaelic.  Brittany is a Border Collie mix.  She was one year old when we got her and she is now three.

Because of her immense energy, we decided to try her at agility.  We started training at Gemini Dogs in Littleton.  This is our first experience with Agility, so all three of us are learning together. “   – By Sharon & Scott Henderson


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