Pop-up Problem Solving

Popup kennels are a joy forever. No, really.  I showed my All-American big girl Nova at the New York State Fair in obedience, and having to take a dolly with her crate even from the exhibitors entrance was exhausting- remember, this is a 110 lb girl handling a 90 lb ball of furry energy that was just introduced to the wonders of dropped fried dough!  I had help bringing her petsafe, of course, but setting it up and taking it down was so impractical we decided against it, and left it in the car.  I spent the day being dragged around (but she was FINE in class, I swear!), and staring in envy at those lucky people (all agility people!) who had pop-up kennels.  I asked my 4-H leader how much they cost, and she told me over a hundred dollars.  That was out, for me.

Working at Affordable Agility introduced me to a pop up kennel I could afford.  Believe you me, I jumped on it.  Nova can now go to shows, parks, and around town with me, without me worrying about needing to hold her leash the entire time.  She’s gotten better, yes, but I know there’s that rest if she or I need it.  (~by Brittany Welch)