Top Ten Dog Names

It’s fun fact day! has listed the top ten dog names for both females and males nationally!  Is your dog’s name in the list? (And if so, is your name Mary, Patricia, James, or John?) 🙂  Would love to hear the most interesting dog name you’ve ever heard.  (In my family, we have the strange habit of always naming all our currently living animals with the same first letter (Pinky, Panda, Pooper, etc.)  Right now we are in the M’s.  (Mindy, Micky, Mo)….

1. Bella / Max
2. Molly / Buddy
3. Lucy / Rocky
4. Maggie / Bailey
5. Daisy / Jake
6. Sophie / Charlie
7. Sadie / Jack
8. Chloe / Toby
9. Bailey / Cody
10. Lola / Buster


3 Comments on “Top Ten Dog Names

  1. When we decided to get two puppies after the kids left home, my husband wanted a Scottish Terrier and I wanted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The Scotty is a brindle, and we named him Smokey so of course the Corgi is named Bandit.

    Smokey is ten days older than Bandit and we brougth Smokey home on a Friday night and Bandit came home the next morning so they seem to think they are litter mates.