Agility Games ~ For the Mind!

In the winter, agility is hard to come by in most of the U.S. It’s cold out, and we do little more than the obligatory walk around (shivering), and games of tug-a-war (after drinking a hot beverage) for our dogs inside for exercise. That’s okay for your dogs’ physical exercise, but their mental stimulation can be lacking. Enter these dog board games! It’s like agility ~ for the mind!

Product “Rave-View”….

What you do is hide treats under the ‘game board pieces’ and your dog has to use his smarts to find ways of dislodging the pieces or moving the puzzle pieces around to get to the hidden pockets.  There are different ways he can do this, and as he continues to play he will learn more effective ways of getting to the treats faster.   It will engage your dogs’ mind and keep him thinking and happily occupied all through the winter… between those knee-deep in snow walks!   It’s also great family fun for something to do around the Christmas tree.