Anything for Apples!

Om nom nom... APPLE!
Om nom nom... APPLE!

I picked 18 lbs of apples at a u-pick last weekend- and I’ve been baking ever since.  My dogs mill around the kitchen while I’m in it, and sometimes it’s tough to keep treats in my pocket to give them when I ask them to practice their problems areas as I work around them (Quick’s ‘down’ and Nova’s ‘over there’, respectively).  I have to wash my hands so I don’t make bacon flavored apple crisp!  That is… until I handed Quick a bit of apple core and saw his eyes light up. 

Apples are a great treat for dogs in moderation, and since it’s rare that I eat or use a core, I’m more than happy to give them two or three cores apiece!  They’re also good for dogs watching their waistlines, and absolutely no by-products of any kind in them! Always a plus, in my books. 🙂 Like any treat, don’t give your dogs apple in excess- a core or two, or a few pieces, is plenty!

-By Brittany

4 Comments on “Anything for Apples!

  1. Great idea!! Thanks for passing it along. I have dachshunds, so I’m always looking for little snacks that won’t go to their little waistlines.

  2. I had heard that the seeds in the apple core are toxic or not good to give the dogs. Please confirm whether this is accurate or not. I normally just cut or bite off pieces of the apple for them. Thanks.

    • Some sources say they’re poisonous and bad for people and dogs because of the cyanide in them- the level is so low it has little to no effect on humans or dogs (some believe that it actually aids in fighting cancer). But still, MODERATION. Lots of apple cores would hurt your dog no matter what was in it. Also, remember that some dogs have sensitive stomachs anyway and won’t tolerate apples without diarrhea. I usually give my dog a core with plenty of apple still on it (no more than one whole core) or a whole apple that had a bruise on it so I didn’t want to eat it. They’re not getting a lot of core, that way, and plenty of apple. Hope that helps! 🙂