Confidence on a Moving Surface

10-22-07-008Does your dog have a problem with balance and coordination? Is it motion shy on teeters or sway bridges? Many people use Buja Boards or Wobble Boards for this problem, but these can be very intimidating since they wobble in all directions. A Rocker Board is something similar, but is easier for dogs to handle. It rocks back and forth in only two directions and helps your dog to be more confident with his feet on a moving surface. Then, to make it even more versatile it converts to “teeter-training” mode” by adding a pivot-adaptor piece. It mimics the back and forth movement of a teeter, but on a smaller scale. Perfect for introducing puppies to this challenging aspect of agility, or for building more confidence in a hesitant dog! It’s great for contact zone performance, too. Because the Rocker isn’t a wild ride, your dog can work on it without getting pooped.