Course Book we’ve Begged For!

crcourbo-0Coming up with creative courses for practice sessions can be a challenge.  Sure you can get out the graph paper and little cut-outs of obstacles and try your hand at designing, but why do that when someone has already done all the work, and the people who did the work are judges and instructors who are the ones who put the courses together at trials to begin with?   With the extra time you save, you can be out there playing with your dog!

We have some free resources of of places where you can get courses (see our post on course design), but we also recommend the Clean Run Sourcebook as a great value for the price.  It features 100 courses with three different difficulty variations, making it a total of 300 courses! These courses are designed for two size areas- 50′ x 100′ and 80′ x 120′.  The courses contain standard equipment and a wide sampling of challenges and sequencing patterns to test handling skills and enhance any training program.  It’s a great resource for a trainer, club, or a backyard player.