Walking backward trick?

A blog member has an unusual training question.  If anyone here has any advice, please click on “comments” in the upper right corner (or scroll to the bottom) to share your idea!

” This is really not a comment but a quest for training tips. I’m currently trying to teach my dog how to walk backwards. I have tried sandwiching him between two walls, but he thinks that he should sit when taking a step back. This is a hard manuever because it goes against all that he has been taught. All helpful hints would be welcome. Thank you” – Carlotta

Suggestion from another member:


I was able to teach my dog to walk backwards just by facing him, then walking forward which forced him to back up. I added a hand signal by putting both of my palms at eye level to him, moving them forward and backward while saying “back, back, back” at the same time. It took a while for him to really feel comfortable with it so at first, I rewarded him with a treat if he even took one step back. Now he goes back much faster and easier. I hope that helps!