Treat Bag to the Rescue!

I get a treat now, right?
I get a treat now, right?

You know how it feels- you’re in the middle of an amazing practice, your dog is flying, and you’re running full tilt around the course. At the end of your run, you go to get treats for your marvelous dog, and…the treats are gone. They fell out while you were running the course! And your dog is looking up at you, adoringly, knowing you’re just kidding around, of COURSE he’s going to get the nummy treat…

Usually at this point, a kind fellow-student has had pity on you and given you some of their treats… but still, even though you didn’t let your dog down, you need a better way to keep track of your treats and not leave them strewn about the course as a distraction to the next dog. (Yes, it’s good for proofing them. No, it’s not good manners.)

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A good treat bag is a necessary tool for the dog trainer.  We don’t always wear pockets, and who wants dirty pockets anyways?  We just got some new treat bags that I just have to rave about.  Why do I like them so much?  Let me count the ways…

  1. Belt included. These bags fasten around your waist with its own belt.  You don’t have to have a belt on to be able to use this bag.  It just feels more secure this way.
  2. Snap-it Mouth. I don’t mean that they snap with round metal snaps”, but that there is a metal ‘collapsible’ type frame built inside that you pull open and push shut.  This is unique to treat bags.  It eliminates the ‘falling out of pockets/bag/OMGwrong pants I don’t have a pocket!’ problem.
  3. Separate compartment inside where you can divide treats.  So you can have your plain treats and the extra special ‘you just did the contacts PERFECTLY for the first time EVER’ treats.  They won’t mingle.
  4. Wide Size. Yet another unique feature of this bag.  It doesn’t feel tippy.  It it’s a nice hip hugger.
  5. Yet another pocket. As if there needs to be more features, it ALSO has a stretchy net-pocket on the front where you can actually put a tennis ball if you’d like!