Up in Arms

You’ve all seen it and admired it… a dog jumping into the owner’s arms at the end of a run.   No matter how your dog does, this ending just makes it all right and definitely wow’s the audience.  It’s one of my favorite tricks, and it’s SO easy to teach, anyone who can lift their dog safely can do it!  This video shows how to do it step by step… and uh…another animal that I won’t mention here because I’m still nursing the puncture wounds on my legs from trying it at home.

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10 Comments on “Up in Arms

  1. I’m looking forward to teaching this to my Border Collie, who is almost 40 pounds and still growing..
    No, I’m not teaching my Cane Corso this! Haha, I would break my back.

  2. Cool video. I am inspired to try to teach it! Surely I can get my 14 pound poodle to cooperate! Thanks again.

  3. I agree with Agility Fusion above. Would be great to do but my Gus weighs 83 lbs. I’ve been knocked down by him once and really don’t want to do that again.

  4. Thanks for posting this! I’ve always been told that I couldn’t do this trick with my 38 pound dog. He loves to be held, so I carry him on a regular basis. I was so excited to see this video! I’ve started training this method and it is working well! The only difference is that he did not see my lap as something to jump on. Thus, I taught him to jump on a pillow on a chair and then the pillow my lap. Now he’ll jump just on my lap while I sit on two pillows on the chair. He and I both love the trick!

  5. Thanks for making me smile today! I am going to work on this technique with my “Minnie” dachsund mix.

  6. “any sized dog”?????
    My two Agility dogs are Saints – 140 pounds and 110 pounds!!
    Whenever we see a dog doing this I tell them “Don’t get any ideas!” 😉