World-Wide Agility Week!

In honor of Colombus day, we’re going to go on a sailing trip and take a look at agility all over the world! Today we’re taking a look at a Cuban breed that does superbly in agility- the Havanese. These dogs were very nearly extinct even in their native Cuba, but careful breeding has raised their numbers again into the thousands. They are making a big comeback! The Havanese are a steady, intelligent small dog that excels in agility. Take a look at the video below!

Note from Pam: For me, watching this great run along with the classical music arrangement made it look like a beautiful dance.  I wonder how much more fluid we’d run if we can “hear the music” in our heads of what we are doing?   Imagery is an important part of memorizing a course and seeing yourself running it smoothly, but I’ve never tried ‘hearing’ the course before.  Hmmm…. now I am curious about this possibility.   Thoughts?

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  1. Hello from Russia!

    Absolutely, you may use any of our posts from the blog, providing you give credit where credit is due and link back to us. Thanks! And if you get a few moments, would love to know about agility happenings in Russia!