Tiny Agility

smalldogwalkpicSmall Dog Agility comes with its’ own challenges.  For instance, teeters.  Not a problem for most dogs, but five pound dogs have a serious challenge in getting the darn thing to go down! And waiting for it to hit… it takes forever for a frisky little Fido!  Crosses can get ugly, too, where the handler turns and brings the dog to the other running side.  Sometimes this results in a collision between dog and handler, and while it’s embarrassing for the middle sized and large sized dogs, it can be injurious to your little dog!  Agility is still fun for the little ones and their handlers, but extra care should be taken to protect your petite pooch.

For those with small dogs who wants an event that focuses on you and how awesome it is that your small dog does agility, TDAA might be the group for you! Check out their website, and the video below.

2 Comments on “Tiny Agility

  1. Oh, how I wish there were TDAA trials in Southern California. My mini dachshund would love the small obstacles. Especially the A-frame. Poor little guy can barely make it up the big one.