Winner of November 2009 Contest

Today the lucky draw number was #31, which goes to Carol Ely who was the 31st person to submit an answer to November’s Fusion Contest! There were 9 questions, and she got all 9 answers correct. So $5 credit per answer gives $45 “Doggie Dollars” to spend on anything she likes at

Here are the correct answers to the contest:

  1. Name 3 training methods used to train weaves  2 x 2’s, channel weaves, wire guides
  2. The training method popularized by trainer Susan Garrett is called:  2 x 2
  3. What side of the first pole does your dog have to enter?  Left shoulder of the dog (right side of pole)
  4. How many weaves are in the non-sanctioned Purina Weave Pole Challenge?  60 poles
  5. What is the maximum amount of poles commonly found in a regular sanctioned trial? 12
  6. True or False: The distance between poles is adjustable for different sized dogs.  False
  7. What is the name of a class that has just weaves, jumps, and tunnels in it, but no other obstacles? Jumpers with Weaves
  8. True or False. To qualify in the highest/classes (i.e. excellent, masters, etc) of agility competitions, your dog can miss a pole, but only one and only once. False
  9. True or False: In a trial, if your dog runs by the weaves or pops out of a pole, you are allowed to go back and start them again.  True in Novice

Congratulations Carol. Carol lives in IL, and is a local dog trainer.  She has a website advertising her classes:

Stay tuned for another contest next month. Meanwhile, check here daily for interesting articles, videos, training tips, and ‘surprise’ mini contests too!