A Dog and his… Grinch?

grinch_dogOne of my favorite Christmas stories is the Grinch.   Something about the green creature with a heart several sizes too small just makes me grin to watch, and also… his dog.  Have you ever thought about the Grinch’s dog?  Through it all, his dog is beside him and helping him and loving him, no matter how bad he is.   I think that’s why I like the Grinch even before he becomes loving and giving!  His dog loves him, so there HAS to be a reason to love him, right?

There’s a dignity that every person deserves, and dogs freely give that without reminding you of your faults.  A dog will love you no matter what, and that’s the meaning of Christmas, to me.  Unconditional, unwavering love.

So think of that, the next time you feel ‘Grinchy’- and look down at those big, trusting eyes that are looking up at you, and remind yourself that YOUR heart is the right size.

Merry Christmas to all our friends and customers on Agility Fusion and Affordable Agility!