AKC Invitational- glad I wasn’t invited!

Thanks to Cathy, one of our readers, for sending me this video link about the Eukanuba AKC Invitational that were held in December of 2009 (the Eukanuba show will be airing in January: stay tuned, we will let you know a week in advance so you can watch it on Animal Planet).

Her opinion of the deplorable conditions that the agility competitors had to go through? “Makes me glad my dogs will probably never be good enough to be invited.”. I have to agree. It sure doesn’t look like it was any fun at all. What a unique challenge that must have been, to be running in such a storm. What do YOU think? The Eukanuba Champtionships are quite prestigious (for at least the Confirmation event it is). Do you think that it is lacking in recognition and appreciation for the amazing hard work and skill that these top agility dogs and handlers have? I do!


**EDIT** From the sounds of things, the Agility show will not be on Animal planet this year due to budget cuts affecting the Fox-owned TV channel.  The Conformation show is still scheduled to air, however, but it doesn’t seem the Agility show was filmed.  I for one am disappointed- I wanted to watch!!!

2 Comments on “AKC Invitational- glad I wasn’t invited!

  1. Wow! Totally unexceptable. We live in San Diego and had thought about going to watch (we’ve just started competing) and now sure am glad we didn’t.

    No wonder I hear other talking about other agility organizations that can be better than AKC.

    I must say, however, that the four or five AKC events we’ve attended have been well organized and full of friendly people – but that could be do to the organization running the trial rather than AKC.

  2. I am still in training and hope to compete soon….but if I had been there I would not have stayed. I can indure a lot of heat,rain and cold and so can my dogs, but this is not right and not fair to them. They are champions and should be treated as such. They work hard, compete hard and deserve much better. I will watch to see if these sort of things are improved. But right now I am very disapointed in the AKC.