Keeping it Positive

This video made me laugh until I cried!  Nic said that if his dog “Jake” made a mistake during his agility run he was just going to have fun with it.  Well, there was quite a few mistakes and quite a bit of fun.  I love it when people are accepting of who they are, and tackle mistakes with a positive attitude.  Have you noticed that it makes you want to do the same?  Overcoming obstacles, respecting your dog, embracing the moment… These are all things that represent the true spirit of agility.  Enjoy!

5 Comments on “Keeping it Positive

  1. Great video! I wish that more agility competitors were like this. I messed up myself plenty of time, there is no sense in getting mad about it, SMILE! and keep it fun. That’s what I do. Actually I think that clubs should offer a ribbon for the competitor that put on the best show.

  2. Too funny! He’s right, the best thing is just to have fun. If it isn’t fun for the dog, then why do it? That said, I’m glad that those days are behind us, though! 🙂