Let the Games Begin!

snookerdogSnooker consists of an opening sequence and a closing sequence and it’s very confusing until you understand it. In the opening, you will have three (sometimes 4) “red” obstacles, labeled with a red flag with a “1” on it. In the opening you must correctly perform a red obstacle, then you must perform (correctly or incorrectly) an obstacle flagged any OTHER color than red, then another red, then any other color, then another red, then any other color. It’s quite simple *if* everything goes according to plan; it’s when a dog drops a bar on a red flagged jump or makes some other error that you need to be able to think on your feet.

As soon as you’ve finished the opening sequence, you need to immediately proceed to the closing sequence, which is to take obstacles flagged 2 through 7, in order. Sometimes there will be a combination obstacle.

Snooker is the biggest test of the dog’s obedience, and also the biggest test of the handler’s ability to make a fairly flowing course from very raw materials.

For more details about Snooker, see our other blog article: “Sneak Peak at¬†Snooker“.

(Notice¬†the red flags in this video, and the red tunnel… Want to make your own snookers course? Try these red obstacles. )