New Years Resolutions

newyearsdogAre you a resolution maker?  Consider some of these resolutions for 2010 – and remember to keep the end in view when starting!  Don’t bite off more than you can chew, just work patiently for your goal.

  1. Get those contacts down!  And by down, we mean get reliable results every time.
  2. Get myself and my dog more fit for the Spring season.  Go for a long walk with my dog at least once a week.
  3. Work on positive training.  The word “No” shouldn’t be in my agility vocabulary (except for dangerous disobedient acts).
  4. Find more time for me and my dog- even if its’ not one on one, the dog can be sitting on my feet as I cook!
  5. Remember that my love is all the reward my dog will ever need.
  6. Perfect start-line behavior!
  7. Get your dog to work a little farther away from you than he currently works.
  8. Challenge my dog more in agility and in our other activities as well.

Remember, perfect is only in paintings.  Aim for great, and achieve it.  When you keep knocking yourself over the head for not being ‘perfect’, you’re short changing yourself, AND your dog.  Usually your dog knows you’re not happy, and isn’t quite sure why.  In many ways, they are simply a reflection of your own moods.

2 Comments on “New Years Resolutions

  1. We are going to solve our start line stay problem this year! One way is we are going to go to several show and goes to work on the problem in a trial atmosphere before we starting trialing in 2010.