The Word on Weave Pole Spacing

storm20in20weavesYou’ve probably heard the news by now (see one my previous post on the subject) that AKC is slated to announce some changes, including a new weave pole requirement: 24″ weave spacing.  Most people (especially the big dog owners) are in favor of this spine-saving change, and look forward to the official announcement that is supposed to happen in January of 2010.   Others don’t like the idea because it means they need to buy a new set of weave poles.  What do YOU think about it?  Are you concerned or do have any questions? Is this the first time you’ve heard about it?

As a member of Agility Fusion, your opinion on this subject is valuable to me.  To thank you for your time, I would like to give away a free copy of Susan Garret’s popular video “2 x 2’s: 12 Weave Poles in 12 Days“!  This is a $69.95 value!  On Dec. 30th 2009 I’ll randomly pick a winner from the list of comments.  I understand not everyone has a strong opinion, but whatever you can contribute will be helpful, and will qualify you to win.

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105 Comments on “The Word on Weave Pole Spacing

  1. My 1st (& very fast) BC was trained on the 20 inch, and now, in both class and trials, in using the 24 inch he is even faster! I just bought new 24 inch weaves and my younger BC is being trained soley on the 24 inch.

  2. Change does not seem to bother my JRTs. If it can hp w/health issues for bigger or any dogs, than I am all for it.

  3. I think the 24″ spacing would be great, as I have a 64lb. Aussie running this course and the slightly bigger spacing would be great for him.

  4. Thrilled to find out why there are two different spacings. We’re novices and I’ve been confused so now I know. We have a Golden Retriever who’s just started Agility training this Fall and has only completed the Foundation class and has elbow dysplasia so the 24″ spacing seems like a more better choice for her. I’m really happy to read that multiple breeds are picking up speed on this spacing so that seems to support the increased spacing too. This apparently is a well-thought out change that is bearing benefits to our dogs health, which is the bottom line.