wackywalkr_relaxedYou want your dog to have drive, and you want him to be excited about agility. But do you want your dog to run wild, screaming “FREE AT LAST!”  the instant his leash is off? No, you don’t, and not just on the course- think if he was getting out of your car in the pet store parking lot! You can prevent this bad behavior easily. Teach your dog to ‘wait’, every time you remove his leash. Sit your dog, say ‘wait’ as you remove the leash. If you need to replace the collar you can, and if you want to release him, you can. Wait gives you time to Sit your dog, and make certain you have his attention before you take his lead off and hand it to the ring steward. Practice this a lot in class, and only when he’s waiting for your command to ‘go!’ does he get a treat and to run the course. 

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