Welcome Mat for Mutts at the AKC

mixedbreedagilitytunnel_wbBack in May we discussed the AKC allowing mixed breeds to compete with the purebreds.  There was a  lot of great feedback here at AgilityFusion, and elsewhere on the internet as well, apparently!  AKC has changed their stance on the Mixed Breed titling system and competing due to ‘compelling feedback’ from the community.

AKC decided to allow mixed breeds to compete in any agility trial WITHIN the same classes. This is different than their previous ‘separate class’ distinction that was obviously not accepted as well and clubs thought too confusing.  This means the AKC can now really compete with USDAA and CPE in their agility offerings (and rally and obedience as well!).  This’ll begin April 1st (I know, really?) So your mixed breed dog can now compete head to head with the purebreds, and may the best dog win!

Clubs have the choice not to enroll in the Mixed Breed program (called the AKC Canine Partners Program), but it is anticipated that all will. Why limit your clubs’ venue by not allowing registered mix breeds? there’s money to be made in it, after all!

You can register your Mix here:http://www.akc.org/mixedbreeds/listing_benefits.cfm and you can find trials that allow mixes at  http://www.akc.org/events/search/index.cfm?action=refresh_index&active_tab_row=2&active_tab_col=3&fixed_tab=8&mxb_flag=Y  I think this will definitely make it easier to get competitions in areas that don’t have a lot of venue options.

9 Comments on “Welcome Mat for Mutts at the AKC

  1. “Any time owners get their dog involved in competiton, then it’s to the benefit of the dog, as they are much more likely to get more attention from the owner than if all they do is lounge around the back yard. ”

    Absolutely. When dogs get more attention from their owners – EVERYONE wins. Promoting responsible pet ownership! Good move AKC!

  2. that is such great news… my agility class friend with her rescue terrier and I could only get together for CPE in our area… now we look forward to more opps to trial together on the same “footing” we do in other venues!!

  3. Good move, AKC! I registered my BC/Lab mix as soon as I found out. First trial is in June (a bit after the “integrated” classes begin) and I can’t wait!

  4. Kudos to AKC for this update. I’m very happy they acted so quickly on this, and before the program starts this April.

    @Randy I also wonder why women outnumber men by so much in the sport. My wife and I train our dog together, and split runs at trials with our dog evenly right down the middle, and I wonder why we don’t see more couples doing the same.

  5. I am thrilled to hear of this decision !!!! My agility dog is a “pure bred” golden retriever, but does not have AKC paperwork, so I had to apply and get a “PAL” number. We have been fairly successful in the AKC events. We only run in AKC as I am very limited in weekend time off from my job, and there are many more AKC trials in my area than any of the other venues. I have only been able to enter a grand total of 21 days of trials since we began in novice a little over a year ago, and we have our MXJ title and five double “Q’s”. However, I think I am most thrilled with a comment made by a fellow student at a recent class. She said that she has been doing agility for nearly 15 years, and has never seen any dog having more fun at what they are doing than my Kodiac !!!! Now this decision will encourage many other people to get involved with this sport and have this same chance to have more fun with their best buddies !!! By the way, I have a topic for a future “blog”…why is the percent of handlers overwhelmingly women in this sport ? Any way…welcome mixed breeds, look forward to seeing you join us in April.

    • Hmm. I don’t know why it’s mostly women in Agility! Why do you think? Congratulations on your dogs’ accomplishments, and I look forward to hearing about more!

  6. Good decision, AKC. Even though our guys are AKC ‘pure bred’, it seemed silly to me to have seperate classes. If some mixed breed can beat my corgi, more power to him!!

    Any time owners get their dog involved in competiton, then it’s to the benefit of the dog, as they are much more likely to get more attention from the owner than if all they do is lounge around the back yard.

    Training makes a bond between you and the dog, and that’s a good thing. Nice move, AKC.

    • As a mixed breed owner (I’ve had purebreds in the past) I can agree with you! I would not have entered the AKC’s program previously- but now I am very seriously considering it! (though I’ll bet I could get farmbred papers for my boy Quick. He’s a Collie. Just no brown in his fur.)