Agility Olympics

boxer_agility_tunnel_wbWatching the olympics always gives me the urge to go and do something athletic and pretend I’m better at whatever that athletic thing is than I actually am… but then there’s agility! When I do agility I always feel awesome, because I get both the fun of running myself, and I can watch my dog shine.  It’s having my cake, and eating it, too!

Create your own olympic event!

You will need:

  • A course, no matter the size.  I’m suggesting a dogwalk, two or three jumps, a tunnel, and a tire or spread jump.
  • Friends with Dogs (preferably agility friends)
  • Video camera and person to film
  • Still-shot camera
  • Dog and people snacks

Now you can have your own event!  While no titles will be earned, you can film each dogs’ run, and get great photos, too!  After all the runs, take the player inside and watch the runs together.  This is a great training exercise, because you can’t see yourself, and sometimes, you can’t see your dog! Filming can show you why your dog seems ‘pulled’ off of obstacles- because you’re turning away too soon!  Enjoy your runs and the company!

Other ideas for olympics for you and your canine friends:

  • Set up a long row of jumps- offer a prize for the best time down the row.
  • Give a prize for the dog who knows the most tricks
  • Set up a ‘speed course’, and blaze through it! Make the lines of your course smooth and flowing, and focus on keeping your dog flying!

2 Comments on “Agility Olympics

  1. That would be so fun. Especially to have a video camera person. My husband can do it, he’s handy with the camera. Then while me and my friends are tallying our scores and passing out prizes, he can go inside and hook it up to the tv so we can watch it afterward. Hmmm…. “Honey? Have I ever told you that you are a wonderful man and an amazing videographer too?”. I’ll start that now, once a week, for 4 weeks, then I’ll be more direct. Lol.