Contact Splat!

We are going to end our week of contact discussion with a video of the worst contact UPSIDE I’ve ever seen. It’s both funny and sad.

Why do YOU think this little dog did what he did? And what sorts of things can help in the future?

By the way, this video is in Italian. “Salto” (which the girl keeps repeating) means ‘jump’.

6 Comments on “Contact Splat!

  1. Good suggestions…yet another. I have a “pet peeve” myself (lol, that’s a perfect way of saying it) of dogs with hair in their eyes. Ultra important in agility especially. This little fellow (a terrier breed at that) might have had it trimmed, but it was hard to tell in the video.

  2. Very good thoughts! Yeah, a different command would help, so would lowering the a-frame! I think that those two ideas used in conjunction and maybe using a leash as well would go a long way towards helping this little guy!

    Thank you all!

  3. I would lower the Aframe and backchain it. The dog does not seem to understand that it is different from a jump.

  4. When she approaches the Aframe she is commanding the little dog to jump (salto). In order for the dog to distinguish her command and what the dog sees ahead of him she must immediately after leaving the last jump change her command and her arm signals. Such as “easy” or shout Aframe. Then the little dog will not be confussed as to what is asked of him. The little dog was doing exactly what she had commanded. All I can say is “dogs teach your trainers”. 🙂 I’m still learning!!