How To Survive Your First Agility Trial Part 4 – Now GO

6-06nwregionals2When you are on course, remember the “four paw rule”. If your dog gets on an obstacle with all four paws, and he jumps off, you MAY NOT put him back on that obstacle, move on to the next one. If your dog drops a bar, continue to the next jump, etc. If your dog gets the zoomies, or you get hopelessly lost, just try to do some of the obstacles and finish the course (after all you paid your entry fee, you might as well get some practice time in). If things go really badly, you can kindly say “Thank you” to the judge and take your dog out of the ring.

When exiting the ring (in AKC) you must have your dog ON LEASH before you leave the ring. This is vitally important and could cost you a Q if you fail to do it. Your leash will be by the exit gate. Get your dog under control quickly and leash him before you walk out of the ring!!

Scores are usually posted on computers near the score keepers area. You are welcome to check your score there after your run to see how it went and if you Q’d or placed.

(Part three here) (Part Five coming soon!)

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