jumperscourseWhat would a Jumps week be without talking about NADAC’s or CPE’s Jumpers course?  For those whose dogs aren’t quite up on weave poles but want to have a competing experience, this is for you! There are bar jumps, spread jumps, panel jumps and tire jumps included on the course of 15-20 obstacles. I like jumpers’ courses; they’re fast and fun and challenging as you’ll see in the video below!  The course is made up of solely jumps and tunnels, and the dog has to run the course in the allotted time.

I would definitely suggest Jumpers to anyone with a young dog that was awesome at jumping and uncertain on contacts and weaves in competition.  Set your dog up to succeed with the Jumpers class!  It’s a directional challenge for your dog, not so much an obstacle challenge, and is often seen as a ‘pure fun’ course.  After all, jumps and tunnels is what your dogs’ in it all for! I would use the class to bolster my and my dogs’ confidence in competing.

Try the novice course at the right at home and see how you do or check out more courses here!