Love Me Hate Me Contest

bouquetdogWe all have our ‘druthers’ in Agility- and our dogs definitely do!  But there are some things we love about it.  Is there anything we hate about it?  Comment with your love and hate for agility below! Any aspect of agility- training, trials, obstacles, or tricks!  Name one thing you love, and one thing you hate. There are no wrong answers, and lots of fun to be had!  The prize is a three sets of red E-Z sacks (Value approx. $45) to show the love you have for your agility course by not letting it blow around!

The winner will be selected by a random number generator, and notified via email (providing you are a registered user here).   Deadline is  Feb. 15th.  Good luck and have fun! 

This contest is now closed- stay tuned for the winner, and thanks for the great participation!!!


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53 Comments on “Love Me Hate Me Contest

  1. I love agility because of the bond it forms with owner and dog. Agility other wise gives a dog with very little confidence a boost. When my dog ( found dumped, found out I’m his 5th home by 9mo), and I started to do agility I had never seen him so happy. I hate agility because it just proves that dogs are much smarter than us humans and they know that and start showing off after a while.

  2. I love the feeling of teamwork with my dog and seeing all my friends. I hate not having enough time to train.

  3. One thing I love about agility is me and my beloved pet working together, being a team and having healthy fun showing what we can do!

    One thing I hate to see is other dogs out there that are obviously real stressed and not wanting to be out there, but still being pushed to perform by their handler.

  4. What I love about agility, working together as a team with my dog. She teaches me something new every day about being your best, trying hard, and the benefits of practice.

    What I dislike the most about agility? If I could quote my dog, she’d say, “The baths after we ‘play’ in the mud”.

  5. What I love about agility – Seeing my dog so happy to be out there on the course, running with me. That unbelievably fantastic feeling when you have a good run on the course and are really “in sync”. “Q”s. The opportunity to spend the whole weekend playing with and being with my dogs!

    What I hate – trappy, choppy courses. Not giving my dog the cues that he needs to run the course correctly. He tries SO hard to do what I ask. Not being able to run fast enough for him.

  6. I love seeing the sheer joy on my dogs’ faces when we do agility.
    I hate getting up before dawn to drive to trials and seminars (I am not a morning person!)

  7. I love agility as its the most fun I can have with my crazy herding dogs and be around other people that like to talk dogs and agility too! The thing I hate is schelpping all that gear from the car to the “spot” and then back again….wish I had an “easy button” for that part.

  8. I love agility because it’s such a challenge for my midget dog (miniature dachshund) and he has been very successful in spite of his “shortness”. What I hate about agility is that not all the dogs are well mannered and a lot of their owners are not responsible. Last week, two aggressive boxers attacked Frankie’s crate while he was in it and while I was walking the course. Very scary. Wish there were Teacup agility trials in Southern California.

  9. I love agility when I see that happy smile on my dog’s face as we’re running the course, but hate it when I momentarily forget the course and she runs rampant all over the ring saying, “Are we going here? How about here? This one? How about that one way in the corner?”

  10. Love: How my Border Collie’s eyes shine as we are out there running around together! Hate: I am new to agility and I hate all the years I’ve missed participating in this great sport!

  11. Love: The sound of fuzzy feat running over, through and on obstacles.

    Hate: Damn the game of Jackpot/Gambler/other names. I have a velcro dog! Can’t we make a game for velcro dogs? We can call it…GLUE. The goal will be for both dog and handler to do the obstacles together (think of the fun)! I’m pretty sure my dog sometimes says to me “Mom…come through the tunnel with me? Mom…why aren’t you up here with me on the A-Frame?” I picture the fun the handlers will have scaling the A-Frame or wiggling through the tunnels. Glue will be a hit! 🙂

  12. I LOVE spending the day with my dogs and my doggin friends.

    There isn’t anything better!!!!

    I HATE when it is time to go home!!

  13. I love the bond agility creates with my dog! I love that she loves doing agility! She BEGS to play with her (agility) toys. I love it when it all comes together (rare for me). I hate that as soon as I seem to get one problem fixed, another pops up! I hate that I can’t play agility all day long but have to work!

  14. I love the fact that I am new to the wonderful sport of agility! I am learning so much about myself and the amazing bond I have with my dog. I love making new friends and hearing their tips for success.
    What I hate is not being able to “Run fast, think faster!” as my trainer so lovingly tells me to do! 🙂

    Ps. I also love finding new forums like this one to learn from!!! Thanks!

  15. I get a charge when my dog is running and you can tell by her expression that she is having a blast.

    I hate waiting for my score sheets. I have never been good with waiting.

  16. What I absolutely love about agility is the bond I have with my standard poodle, Gidget. We work and learn together and have so much fun doing it. The friends I have made are also huge bonus.

    What I hate about agility is when I don’t cue Gidget soon enough and it makes her mess up. My bad not hers but we hug and make up and try again. Agility is the most marvelous sport in the world.

  17. For new handlers:-
    One thing I love about agility is seeing the suprise on the handler’s face when they look down the bent tunnel to see if their dog is on its way out, only to turn round and see the wagging tail right behind them.
    I hate handlers trying to get a confused dog to do something without first just calming it down before asking it to try again.

  18. I love everything agility. I love the fun with my dog and the friends. I HATE forgetting where I am going!

  19. I love the sense of having a dedicated day or weekend to do something that I really enjoy. I love when I really connect with my dog. I love getting those elusive Q’s :-). What do I hate? I hate it when we are off focus and don’t really connect. It’s much harder to “fix” than any obstacle!

  20. What do I love about agility? Time spent with my dogs, keeping in shape (me and the dogs!), hanging out with other dog-nuts. 🙂

    What do I hate about agility? Nothing, but my team-mates and I agree that mud and rain are not our favorite conditions in which to play . . . I do run poodles, after all!

  21. What I love about agility: There is no better way to bond with your four-legged best friend! It builds trust, strengthens companionship, lets off some steam (for both the dog and handler!), and it is also a great way to meet like-minded people who also love dogs and doggie activities. Not to mention it is so much fun!

    What I don’t love: This has nothing to do with the actual sport of agility. I wish people were more relaxed when it comes to trials. I understand the stress, but we should all be there to support each other. Let’s not forget to smile! The whole purpose of agility is to have fun with our dogs, and that seems to be something some people forget. When you don’t Q, there’s always next time! Don’t stress out or else the event won’t be fun for you OR your dog.

  22. I love being the time that I spend with my 11 year old daughter and our dogs. It is a hobby that we have a lot of fun doing together. We have made many good friends who love dogs sports as well. The dogs get so excited and stay in shape. I hate that it is so long in between trials.

  23. What I love about agility: There is no better way to bond with your four-legged best friend! It builds trust, strengthens companionship, lets off some steam (for both the dog and handler!), and it is also a great way to meet like-minded people who also love dogs and doggie activities. Not to mention it is so much fun!

    What I don’t love: This has nothing to do with the actual sport of agility. I wish people were more relaxed when it comes to trials. I understand the stress, but we should all be there to support each other. Let’s not forget to smile! The whole purpose of agility is to have fun with our dogs, and that seems to be something some people forget. When you don’t Q, there’s always next time! Don’t stress out or else the event won’t be fun for you OR your dog.

  24. Hey: I love agility. I guess you could say I’m more than a little obsessed by this wonderful dog sport. I have a pwd (Portuguese Water Dog). In fact I have more than one pwd. My portie will run an agility course for anyone as long as there’s lots of liver treats! and if she’s in the “mood” which annoys me no end.

    I can sort of tell. If she has that “hang dog” look I’m in deep doo doo. On the other hand if her tail is wagging and she’s all smiles, we’ve got a good chance at a clean run.

    I hate that my portie is so unpredictable, but that’s pwd’s for you.

    My website has nothing to do with agility except that I have a lot of dog pictures on my office wall, but I’m sure an avid participant and love the challenge as well as the many friends I’ve made.

    Have bought quite a bit of equipment from Affordable Agility and have been well satisfied. Much to the digust of some of my family members, my backyard looks like an agility course, but it’s my yard and I think it looks GREAT!

    Cheers, clean runs and happy agility training Everyone.


  25. What I love about agility – is being out with my dogs having fun on a nice spring or fall day. What I hate about agility – is being out with my dogs, sort of having fun, on a frigid winter day when it is below 20 degrees or melting on a hot summer day when it is above 100 degrees… oh, and weave poles!

  26. Agiltiy gives me something to share with my dog. The physical fitness it provides keeps us active. I attend a workout class to help me keep up with my dog’s energy level when we run a course. I look at this as a motive to help me get fit. The thing that I dislike is the fustration of trying to keep my dog from being distracted in the ring. Keeping her focused is such a challenge. One that I plan to overcome but is so frustrating in the meantime. My dog loves agility and is such a good athlete that she motivates me not to give up.

  27. The best thing about dog agility in my opinion is the huge bond that is formed from the beginning. It’s one thing to have a companion dog that you go for walks with and watch TV together, but doing agility creates a strong bond that is hard to break. I have seen this with my Australian Shepherd. We have created such a strong bond that she actually lacks respect for others in the house (which could be good and bad!) and even though she is injured and cannot do agility right now, we still have that strong bond that founded from agility training. Agility creates a bond that is only found though agility. I also love the smiles and tail wags I get from my dogs after they run a course. They are happy after a horrible run and happy after a MACH run, they love it because it’s fun not for the titles and results.
    The only thing I hate about it is the price is costs. As a young college student, it’s hard to afford training and entry fees. I also hate how hard it is to train in the winter. If only there were an indoor facility close by!

  28. I love how much agility has enhanced my relationship with Storm and how her confidence has soared as a result of agility! I hate how expensive it is and how difficult it is to find a place to practice especially in the winter.

  29. I love how much my dog loves me. She is a wonderful 3.5 year old Border Collie mix. She is so anxious to get to her next agility class she is whining in the back of the car even before we catch a sight of the building.
    I love how she takes the jumps and how much enjoyment my husband and I get out of just watching her work. I hate waiting for the next class.

  30. Agility is all about fun! What’s there to hate?
    The bond between me and my dogs is so strong due to agility, I love it. I love being with my dogs and learning more and more each day. It’s truely amazing.

    Hate is too strong of a word. However, I dislike the feeling of waiting your turn in a trial.

  31. The things we love about agility are being together for the weekend, getting exercise, tunnels, and nailing some of those problems areas like contacts or distances even if we don’t Q. Tug also loves weaves and Emmy Lou loves contacts. The things Mom doesn’t like about agility trials are the port-a-potties and getting up at 3 or 4 am to drive us to trials while we go back to sleep in the car.

  32. What I don’t like about agility is the trials are too far away. As I have gotten older the trials seem to be farther and now I need a day to rest up before going back to work.
    What I love about agility is spending quality time with my dog, not only running a course as a team, but spending the night away from home. Just the two of us, enjoying the opportunity to share special time together.

  33. I love when my signals are well timed and perfectly clear so my dog and I work as a perfect team. I hate waiting two hours for my next chance to go.

  34. What I like about Agility is the confidence and trust that it has given my K-9 friend. She loves me soo much that she’ll try any thing to make me smile even though she is very concerned about her surroundings. As we run a course and it’s going well I can see her smile of approval and the loving bond that we have created through Agility work. When we’re done and driving home she always puts her head on my lap and hugs me all the way home. What I don’t like..Hummmmm…is making a mistake that costs my dog a clean run.

  35. What I love about agility? Both my husband and I are training and competing, and we get to spend a day outside in the sun and fresh air together with the dogs.

    What I hate? Since we’re in Novice (AKC), we always compete late in the day, and I’m a real morning person. Can’t wait to compete in Excellent so I can be on the course at 8am insted of 2pm.

  36. The thing that I most love about agility is the look on my dog’s face as he runs, and especially when we have a great run and he can certainly sense my excitement by all the praise that he is getting. What I hate most ( and I am about to step on some toes here !!) is when a dog makes a mistake (often because of poor cues from the handler or because the TWO of you have not trained enough to handle what you are asking your dog to do) and he is removed from the course by his owner. He/ she is just doing this to have fun with you, and you just ruined it. Save the “corrections” for training time and make it positive !!!

  37. What do I love about agility? Mostly the time spent with my dogs, truly enjoying each others’ company as we also learn to understand each other. What I hate..not much! Maybe seeing those people who over stress, over think, or over obsess over every step they must take, or are so dejected over every mistake..Sure, we all want to do well- but if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it all wrong!
    Of course, each of my dogs would say that they HATE when I run one of the others!

  38. The thing I love about agility is the smile and enthusiasm shown by my dog. The thing I hate is being new to it and getting lost on the course and having to be embarrassed by my dog barking at me and making it painfully obvious to all watching that the handler is out of it.

  39. Agility is fun – I really love it when I make a mistake and my dog is going the wrong way, then I correct him and he looks at me, changes course and goes the right way.

    Not much to hate –
    that I can’t go fast enough so he gets confused
    when he stops and barks at me to tell me I’ve screwed up.

  40. I love all aspects of agility. It is so much fun for the dogs if you train right, don’t progress to the next step before they are ready, etc… I especially like competing with my Chihuahuas…no one takes us serious until we start, and they perform so well for their size and really try hard. It surprises the big dog people! What I hate about some agility venues is being 1/2 of one second too slow to time qualify, because my tiny dogs can’t run fast enough around a NADAC course! Frustrating, since we run as fast as possible! Thankfully, there is AKC and Teacup Dog Agility, though not as prevelant yet in our area. All in all it’s great fun and exercise and the dogs love it, which is the most important thing anyway.

  41. My sheltie is shy and agility has helped him become (a little) more outgoing and MUCH more confident. He loves running with me as much as I love running with him. I am a bit of an exercise nut and I enjoy seeing people who might not otherwise be motivated to exercise out there having fun and getting fitter!
    There isn’t much I don’t like about agility but I know my doggie would say he hates being measured (he just turned two so he needs one more for his permanent height card) and, since he is the velcro dog, he hates distance work. He wants Mom right there with him all the time…I have to run as hard as I can so I’m ahead!

  42. The reasons to love agility are many; the chance to play with my puppy. To challenge both of us in something different from trial to trial, from class to class and from run to run. The love she looks at me with when she’s running over the dog walk and the A-frame! Since she absolutely LOVES contacts. The shear joy when she’s running! The confidence I see in her as she tangles with challenging courses. The things I hate about agility are few, getting up early for trials. Running in cold rain. And lastly watching junior handlers making me look like I have two left feet and totally clueless!!! (I don’t really hate them!- they are too amazing to watch to actually hate them! )

  43. I love that we get to spend some wonderful time with our dogs…I hate it when others forget this.

  44. What I love about about agility is the teamwork it enspires between my dog and I, and the friendships I have made with others addicted to the sport;)Oh and my instructor 😉

    What I hate – well maybe hate is too strong of a word, what I really realy dislike are days when it seems like the work day will never end and the weekend can’t get here soon enough so we can play – or when I have to decide between an agility trial and a breed show 🙁 Oh what do I hate about agility? I’m thinking……

  45. What I love is when we become one on the course. You can see the love on your dog’s face and what more could you ask of your dog than to see them excel in what they love to do but make their handler/owner happy.

    What I do not like is simple: when I fail to cue my dog as needed for him/her to complete what I am asking him/her to do. Especially, when you look into their eyes and all you see, is I did just as you asked and they come back to you to give you a lick saying whats wrong, it’s okay, we had fun (unconditional love).

  46. The thing me and my dog don’t like about agility is the weave poles. They are hard to train and we can’t ever seem to get them just right.

    The thing we love about agility is the jumps and being together and having fun!!!

  47. The things I don’t like about agility is that I wish I had the ability to run as fast as my dog. Also the memorizeing of the run. That combined with nervous energy and people who don’t abide by the rules or control their dogs! What I like about agility….EVERYTHING, its fun, exciteing, good for you and your dog. You also get to meet other great people. Its a win, win situation. Where else do you get the opportunity to exercise, have fun and bond with your dog, there is nothing like it!!!!

  48. I love agility because me and my dog get some much needed exercise! I hate agility because me and my dog get some much needed exercise! Ha ha. I hope I win the EZ-sacks. 🙂 I have a pair of them and they are awesome. I could use a 100 more. Thanks Agility Fusion. Go #2! (that’s my lucky number).

  49. What do you mean, you start? that’s not fair! All right- I am not a contestant, though! 🙂 What I love best about agility is the bond I form with my dog. We work together, as one unit, and it’s something special between us as he works off his excess energy and learns to channel it how I, his owner, want. What I hate? Not much! If I were forced to think of something, as I am by the rules of this contest… I hate it when I lose my temper because I don’t get something, and it hurts my dog. Quick’s very tender, and me stamping my foot in frustration because I can’t get him to understand my ambiguous directional cue… well, it hurts to see him sad because of what I’ve done. It’s a good thing I KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) now, instead of trying for it all in one go! So, now that I’ve shared… how about you?