Good for a Bernese Mountain Dog?

akc_bmd_bloom_xlWe get a lot of questions at Affordable Agility about what equipment is best for an individual dog.  One such question was what type of equipment a Bernese Mountain dog (pictured at right- isn’t he lovely?) should use.  This is a hard question to answer.  Generally, when it comes to the larger breeds (especially the bulkier/big boned breeds), they do very well with competition equipment.  This is especially the case if you want to encourage speed, or if you are at all serious in the sport, no matter your dog size!   Many dogs can get by on lighter equipment,  but Bernese Mountain dogs are more ‘lumbering’ dogs… give them sturdy equipment!

You may especially want to consider keeping your larger breed on 24″ weave spacing.  Most vets agree that the bigger the dog, the harder the closer spacing is on their backs!

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